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In-Home visits or House calls, having been performed for centuries, allow a medical provider the opportunity to gain perspective on a patient’s living situation. The interaction happens in an environment that is familiar and comfortable, giving the patient and medical provider a chance to establish a strong relationship.  Rehabilitation Partners recognized the need for in-home visits early on when discharging patients from the in-patient setting. They created a branch in their company called Homebound Solutions to support positive outcomes and continuity of care for their patients entering back into the community.  Homebound Solutions make in-home visits for people who are considered homebound in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico area.

In order for your in-home medical provider to be covered by your insurance you have to considered homebound. Medicare considers you homebound if you meet both of the following criteria:

1. You need the help of another person or medical equipment such as crutches, a walker or a wheelchair to leave your home.


Your doctor believes that your health or illness could get worse if you leave your home.


2. It is difficult for you to leave your home and you typically cannot do so.

Your doctor will decide whether you qualify as homebound when they write up your plan of care for the home health benefit. Whether or not you do depends on your doctor’s evaluation and knowledge of your condition over an extended period of time, not on a daily or weekly basis.

Leaving home for medical treatment, religious services or to attend a licensed or accredited adult day care center does not put your homebound status at risk. Leaving home for short periods of time or for special non-medical events, such as a family reunion, funeral or graduation, will also not keep you from being considered homebound. Taking an occasional trip to the barber or beauty parlor is also allowed.

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Call us at 505-503- 8806 so that we can obtain the necessary demographic and insurance information and we will call you back to schedule your initial visit.

As a patient of Homebound Solutions, we would like you to be seen every 90 days so that we can manage your medications & care effectively. However, if you become ill or need to see a medical staff member before then we will be happy to schedule visits as the need arises.

*We ask that you take your medications as prescribed and keep us informed about emergency room visits, hospitalizations and changes in your insurance, telephone number or your address.

If you believe you are having a medical emergency please do not waste precious time contacting the doctor’s office, instead immediately dial 911! As is the case with any outpatient physician practice, we are not an emergency medical service. When you call us for a visit, sometimes it’s difficult to tell over the phone whether or not your problem is a true medical emergency. We do our best to schedule sick visits within 24-48 hours. We may arrange for sick visit by one of our medical staff who will evaluate the problem and make a decision about disposition. Often our highest and best contribution is helping patients avoid unnecessary trips to the ER, but sometimes it’s making sure they get there promptly if the problem is a true emergency.

We accept most insurances except BCBS Advantage and Humana for homebound patients.

If you require hospitalization, we will work with you & your family to coordinate the stay, but will not follow you while in the hospital. If you go to a nursing home or skilled nursing in a facility there is a good chance we can continue to be your provider at that type of facility. We can coordinate care with the medical staff at the hospital or facility you go to and exchange any pertinent information /records for continuity of care. Our medical team will resume your care once you are discharged from the hospital/facility. We will relay preferences, coordinate care, send records, and even work with discharge planners to transition you back to your home. Please see our facilities page to see where we practice.

A call to our office 505-503- 8806 immediately connects you to our scheduler who will coordinate a plan of care with our medical team. This allows an immediate assessment of acute issues and often times can prevent ER visits or hospitalization. If we need to schedule a visit to further assess your issue we can do so at that time.