What we Provide

Rehabilitation Partners is a team of healthcare providers that serves as guardians of our patients’ healthcare, fitness, and well-being. We care for patients in skilled nursing facilities and long-term care settings. And we provide house calls to homebound patients.

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Inpatient Medical Visits

Our patients are often discharged from acute-care hospitals after experiencing medical or surgical issues. Many patients do not need extended hospitalization but are too unstable to be discharged home.

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In Home Medical Visits

We lead our community in delivering healthcare to our patients in their homes, which could be their homes or assisted and independent living facilities.

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Medical Directorships

Because of our reputation, experience, and commitments to compliance and patient satisfaction, facilities and separate entities often request medical direction from Rehabilitation Partners.

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Join Our Team

Rehabilitation Partners LLC is expanding our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical administrative staff.

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Medical Musings

Quiet, Mind
Quiet, Mind 30 Jun, 2017 Mark Gould, PA-C

My brain, mind, thoughts, and intellect, what do we even call this computer permanently lodged in our skulls? According to most experts, the human brain is the most sophisticated and complex organization of matter in the universe.

Featured Employee: Sabrina Sanchez

Health & Wellness Director

Sabrina Ruby Sanchez is native of Taos, New Mexico. She graduated New Mexico Military Institute with an Associates in Science and has received Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. Sabrina also graduated from University of New Mexico with a Bachelors in Health Education and has received Personal Training Certification with ISSA. She previously worked with Benefits Connection Center where we helped people with disabilities and people who are 65 and older enroll in government benefits.

Sabrina works in the office as the front lines of medical billing. She also acts as a personal trainer to the team members of Rehabilitation Partners.

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