We are a private medical practice started in 2011 by our current owners, Carrie Irivn, PA-C and Mark Gould, PA-C.  Carrie and Mark worked together for another practice for several years. Their employer, Dr Bill McConnell suddenly and tragically passed-away in August of 2011 leaving Carrie and Mark to make some difficult choices.  They felt that it was imperative that they figure out a way to continue to carry on providing the excellent care that made Dr McConnell so well known and loved by his patients and their families.  They have expanded the practice into several facilities and focus primarily on the management of skilled patients in sub-acute care facilities, long term care patients, and performing house-calls.

Sub Acute Care is any skilled nursing and rehabilitation that occurs after a hospital stay. Typically, sub acute care serves to transition the patient from the hospital to home and assists them in the recuperation process.
Sub acute care can include rehabilitation services, specialized care for certain conditions (such as stroke and diabetes) and/or post-surgical care.

The length or duration of a patient's stay varies dependent on the individual patient's needs and goals. Some patients have relatively short stays, a week or two, while others may stay for longer.
Depending on you or your loved ones condition upon arrival, the therapy team along with the nursing team will work closely together to generate the most optimal care plan to ensure your loved one's quick recovery time.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, and commercial insurance. To determine if your insurance is accepted, we invite you to call us at 505-503- 8806.

It will depend on your loved one's insurance coverages as to who is paying for what services. If you have any questions regarding the care provided by our providers, please call us at 505-503-8806.  If you have questions about your coverage in the facilities, you are welcome to contact the facility so that the business manager can verify benefits and explain in more detail what is covered and by whom.

Typically, our providers see patients three times/week.  Of course, this number is not set in stone.  If the acuity warrants it, we can see the patients as often as needed.  Additionally, the facility is able to contact an on-call provider 24/7.

Yes, we try to consistently schedule patients with the same clinical team so they can build a relationship of trust, familiarization, and confidence.