Medical Records Request Process

How to request Medical Records from Rehab Partners

An ‘Authorization to Obtain or Release Health Information’ form will need to be completed. The form can be accessed on our website for download or by requesting the form via email to Once you have the form, print it, fill it out and either fax it or scan it and email the request to

Authorization to Obtain or Release Health Information

All request forms must be completed by the patient (age 18 and older), parent of a minor (age 0- 17), or the patient’s legal representative. If a valid authorization is not available when information has been requested, our medical records department will contact the patient and or party to complete an authorization and may ask for consent to send the patients records directly to the requesting party.

Is there a cost associated with copies of medical records?

Yes, a small fee will be charged when records are requested, and the fee must be paid in full before Rehab Partners releases the records. Payments can be made by calling our business office at (505)503-8806.

Can someone pick up my medical records for me?

Rehab Partners prefers to send the requested records via fax, mail, or secured email. If request is to pick up the records from our office a valid form of identification will be required at the time of pick up. For authorizations signed by the patient’s legal representative, documents indicating the representative’s legal authority must be provided. Accepted documents include health care advance directive, a power of attorney for health care decision-making, or court appointed guardianship. If requesting a third party to pick up your records, their name and address must be listed on the ‘Authorization to Obtain or Release Health Information’ form. Third parties will be asked to provide a copy of their photo ID.


Medical Records Release Form